Smart feed on Instagram

The smart or algorithmic feed came out recently, in 2016. Its principle of operation is to display posts by relevance, not by date. This means that at first Instagram will show users who are most interesting or with whom you communicate more often. At the same time, the tape does not hide any publications, it only changes their sequence.

What determines the sequence of posts in the feed?

The display order shows how the interaction with the author pages occurs.

That is, most often you will see posts in the feed:

  • people you chat with Direct
  • people you react to Stories
  • people whose pages you visit

The very first in the feed will be displayed accounts with which personal correspondence is conducted, even if the content of the page is of poor quality. Also, Instagram analyzes hashtags that an account is subscribed to and queries in the search bar. Based on the data received, the service shows similar posts. It turns out that it depends on the user what information will appear in the feed.

Factors Affecting Reach

Before the introduction of algorithmic feed, content and quality did not affect reach. The introduction of the smart tape contributed to the decline in this indicator. However, there are a number of factors that also contribute to the fall of this indicator.

Firstly, due to the rapidly growing amount of content, it is no longer enough to take just a beautiful photo. Now it has become necessary to surprise, and this is sometimes quite difficult.

Secondly, advertising. They began to use it to draw more attention to the account. Users are wasting time even on regular viewing of ads that they could have spent on a post. During this time, the new publication is simply lost in the feed.

How can you increase your reach?

Post high quality content. This applies to both text and photos.

You can use statistics to understand what catches your audience.

Here at Buy instagram Followers UK it is worth mentioning about winding up likes. Some people use similar services, and this can even increase the reach, but does not make the content better. Better to work out the topics of the posts, the personal style of the page, and how to interact with the


Engage more with your audience. Write on hot topics, provoke the audience, ask.

All this allows you to stir up subscribers. You can also hold various games, giveaways, contests.

Use video content. The video in the Instagram feed plays automatically, this allows you to “hook” a person while he is just scrolling through the feed.

Use Stories. Stories, according to statistics, are viewed more often than feeds.

Therefore, by regularly publishing them, you can not only talk about yourself, but also announce future posts, conduct polls, and communicate with the audience.

Analyze when your audience is online. Information about this can be obtained in statistics or in LiveDune. Posts posted at such times can increase reach.

When a post starts to be liked quickly, it gets higher for those who rarely have your content.

Thus, the most important thing is to analyze your account activity and find out what your audience likes. On this basis, it is easy to develop the correct page maintenance strategy.

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