How to Do Keyword Research in 2021 for Better

Keyword research is a fundamental part of any SEO strategy and it’s here to stay with us. No
matter if someone is running a product-based startup, or offering services to their clients,
keyword research is vital. Right from the inception of SEO, keywords have remained the favorite
topic of SEO managers and experts.
Even after so many years and updates later, this one process still outperforms many other SEO
tactics. But, as we are in 2021 where the search engine’s algorithms are changing drastically,
you need to change your keyword research strategy.
As Google and other search engines are putting more effort into user experience, it becomes
important for business owners to focus on this thing. In this article, we will have a look at the
most effective ways of doing keyword research in 2021 to achieve better results for your brand.

Focus on buyers’ persona
Gone those days when only targeting the exact keywords used to bring a lot of traffic to your
site. As the users’ buying persona is changing, their search patterns are changing, you also
need to change your strategy. While doing keyword research, first create a buyer’s persona
using your previous analytics data and it will help you get the right keywords.
These persona-based keywords can be both short-tail and long-tail and you should optimize the
content according to them. Google will help you get the most searched keywords that you can
modify as per your customers’ buying persona and optimize your pages. Think about the
customers’ pain point, their common searching patterns, interest, how your product or service
can help them more. After you know all these key points, then it would be easier to search those
keywords using any keyword planner free or paid tool. You can also choose SEO packages for
your assitance.
Identifying the relevant topics
Along with finding the exact business keywords for your brand, also try to search for relevant
topics that are related to your business and people are talking about it. For example, if you run a
home renovation company, then also try to find relevant topics about home designing, furniture,
kitchen renovation, and more.

But targeting keywords based on these interest search terms, your possibility of higher
conversion rate increases. It will not only help you grow your content cluster but also let your
customers and readers have more quality content for reading.
Ultimately it will reduce the bounce rate and improve the visibility for more terms. One thing you
need to keep in mind is that there is no need to pick 10 or 15 topics as they are quite difficult to
manage. Only go for four to five industry-relevant topics and find good keywords.
Niche-based keywords
Many businesses begin SEO search for keywords that are more popular in their industry and
they try to optimize their site according to those keywords. This strategy doesn’t work because
these keywords are competitive, generic, and may not bring good results, especially for new
Instead of doing this, search for more niche-specific keywords that will help your brand reach
more customers. If you are running a local brand then you can also add the city’s name with
keywords to get the maximum benefits. It’s always a good idea to target high-volume keywords
but you can’t completely rely on them as your site will take substantial time to rank for them.
So, it’s always a smart move to target niche based keywords and gather highly-targeted
keywords. Doing niche-specific keyword research doesn’t necessarily need to narrow down your
audience. Focus on finding highly relevant keywords that low on competition and are relevant to
your business.
Long-tail keywords are highly useful
Most SEO beginners make the mistake of picking short and highly saturated keywords for their
business but this is not the right way to proceed. Instead of doing extreme short keywords,
focus on finding long-tail keywords. These keywords are not only easier to rank but also
generate a ton of traffic to your business.
For example, instead of targeting the keyword ‘ bicycle repairing’, you can go for ‘ how to repair a
bicycle at home’ or something related to it. Long-tail keywords are closer to the search queries
that are generally searched by users.
You can also use long-tail keyword research tools to gather some high-performing keywords
and optimize your content for the same. This simple improvisation in your keyword research
planning will bring a drastic change in your organic search traffic.
Keyword research will remain an important part of any SEO strategy and you need to keep
improvising it based on on-going trends and users’ search intent. On a periodic basis,
conducting a content audit will help you keep the overall content fresh and relevant for both the

users and search engines. Follow these simple steps to improve your keyword research game
for 2021 and outperform your competitors.

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