The steps needed that must be followed inside hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Certain areas have mainly sized chambers for performing hyperbaric oxygen therapy in which nearly 10 to 12 people can be treated at a time although other places are designed for treating people. Hospitals have got both of these kinds to treat folks.

Below is a take a look at what typically happens in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber
• The patient must remove her or his clothes as well as wear a hundred percent cotton medical wedding dress
• They have to additionally remove all kinds of jewelry and also watches etc. before the treatment starts
• The patient is then asked to lie down shared which slides inside the chamber. The actual chamber is made of plastic material and is crystal clear. It is about 7 feet in length.
• The worker will tell the patient to relax throughout the complete treatment and inhale and exhale normally. One can even listen to music or watch television if the room is equipped with such units
• The attendant should be able to view the affected individual and both can speak to each other throughout the session involving hyperbaric therapy
• The chamber is shut and stuffed with pressurized oxygen
• The hyperbaric treatment method involves improving the pressure through 3 times when compared to normal stress of oxygen.
• The time of your session differs from patient to patient. It might last for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
• After the period ends the stress is unveiled slowly.
You should disclose the total medical history as well as problems while watching doctor. Based on the present scenario and all prior problems the physician will recommend the therapy and mention the actual air pressure permissible for a particular patient. Stress differs from person to person. The patient is actually exposed to complete oxygen with increased strain normally Only two.5 times than normal to cure wounds that need more amount of oxygen.
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