Watch the videos uploaded by Amiri King on Youtube

Youtubers have marked their presence across the globe with their extra ordinary skills and efforts. Despite of their ups and downs in the life, this platform has given them opportunity to look ahead and represent who they really are. The same you can see from the life of an active internet personality and a Youtuber,


Amiri King was born of 1979 and now he runs his own Youtube channel with a style. You can check out the videos uploaded by him on his Youtube channel. Most of his videos are made up on cars and parodies and his displays the custom products which he displays on the cars. Amiri king is fond of poems as shown in the videos and is inspired by poets like Amiri Baraka and Countee Culllen. From the name of the poet, he derived his name as Amiri King.
He runs his own station and later changed his name and starting uploading videos about cars and related stuff on Youtube. Most of his videos have gone viral on Youtube and gathered loads of viewer’s appreciations. Also, most of the Vlogs shared by this Youtuber are linked with his personal life. One of his videos like Chevy Silverado Parody become a huge hit on Youtube as it managed to get more than 5 million views. The net worth of this Youtuber is estimated as $150000. Not only about the cars, you can also check the humor content shown in his videos. The content of his videos are written by Amiri himself and some of his friends.
He also played different roles in movies as a co-star and also donates his art. Amiri King is also active on Twitter and has more than 250,000 readers on it. He posts various comments and gets a good response on his tweets

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